Customer Care: 9Credit loan app , Phone Number , Email Address

9Credit loan app

You might get stranded , looking for the contact details , here is the Customer Care: 9Credit loan app , Phone Number , Email Address.

9Credit loan app

Note that the contact details shared before must be used wisely , don’t use it to insult or abuse the team.

Contact us:
You can contact us at any time and learn about our services through the following channels:
A. e-mail to [email protected]
Address: lawal street, oregun, ikeja, Nigeria;
The purpose of this app is to make it easier for you to get fund by your peers. We would like to hear from you. 9Credit provides simple loan and allows you to access loan at anytime, anywhere.Free registration, quick approval.

Email: [email protected]

Summary: Customer Care – 9Credit loan app , Phone Number , Email Address

The app works fine and they actually do approve loans, but trust me pray to God that nothing happens to you and you are unable to pay back on or before due date. My experience with them in the last few days has been horrible, yes I collected a soft loan from you and could not pay back on the due date, 8 days overdue to be precise, but aside the endless calls you get from there call machines, even the customer agents will call you relentlessly abuse you verbally on the phone, That’s not all,

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  1. I have just been insulted because I couldn’t meet up today, I have been a regular customer with this people, I waited for my salary to no avail today. I wish to take this issue further than this.

  2. Why was this message forwarded to my contact. “Good day sir/ma, we are sending this message in respect of LUCKY ONOBUN with phone number 07063669663 who collected a loan from us and still has refused to clear his loan with us. Legal actions will be taken against him with effect 7-12-2020. He will be reported to the Credit Bureau of Nigeria, His BVN will be blocked and his pictures will be displayed on all social media platforms as he has shown that he will not repay the loan fully. PLEASE HELP US TO GET TO HIM BEFORE WE INITIATE THESE ACTIONS THANK YOU. OTP INTERNET TECHNOLOGY.”

    Do you realise my reputation is been brought into disrepute.

  3. Please can someone send me the address of this people I applied for a loan they said they will start me with 3000 and I was approved yesterday 12th of December till now have not received it and am to pay back on the 19th. Please send the customer service number or address to my whatsapp 08135656197

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